What's in My Purse

Anybody else just love these types of posts?  I love reading about what others carry around, their favorite things, or their routines.  It's so fun how unique each person is!  Well, I hope y'all love these posts too, because you get to read all about what is in my purse today ;)  I hope you grab a cup of coffee (or water like me), read this post, and go through your purse!  I'd love for you to comment what you keep in yours!

A look at what's in my purse!

Let's start with the most important!

Have to have some money and my license, right?  Oh and punchcards- I'm working towards a free smoothie!

My Keys

I'm seriously in love with my key fob!  Oh, and my mom bought me pepper spray so of course that's on there haha!

A look at what's in my purse!

A Honduras Change Purse

My sweet friend bought this for me when she was in Honduras on a mission's trip.  As you can see, I don't use it for change ;) but I love it!


Sugar makes me feel sick, so I use stevia instead in my unsweet tea.   

Pens and Paper

Essential, and look at that gold 😍

Mirror & Nail Clippers

You never know when you need to look at yourself or you teeth ;)  Or trim your nails.


These are very much needed at times, amiright?

A look at what's in my purse!

Lotion & Hand Sanitizer

Definitely need these in the winter!  Got to hydrate those hands and kill those germs!

NECESSARY, right?  This gum is sweetened with stevia, and tastes amazing.  It just doesn't keep it's flavor very long, sadly.

Advil & Digestive Enzymes

Just need these sometimes.

Well I hope you enjoyed that!  Do we carry around anything similar??  What is something YOU can't leave home without?  What purse do you use?  I love mine!


  1. Your pictures and posts are amazing! Stumbled upon your blog through a comment of yours on some other blog and I'm glad that i did! :)

    1. Awe thank you so much!! Can't wait to check out your blog!

  2. I love these kinds of posts! So cute!